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EdTech Consulting, offers a wide range of consulting services for educators, business and government organizations. edTech Consulting provides professional services in the field of educational technology for K-12, post-secondary, the information technology sector and other industries with related education and labour market needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible.

Providing quality
EdTech Consulting includes individuals within our company and by association have served in various roles throughout the education and information technology community, several of whom were educators, business associates and government officials before they became consultants. We have credibility with the educational and technology community, who are more willing to accept our recommendations due to our sense of realism and pragmatism. A great advantage we offer to our clients is our understanding of educational, technology and labour related issues and how best business practices can be applied to those structures and operations.

Can we assist?

As the COVID-19 situation continues on into the summer months situations surrounding education and the labor market have been unstable with many decisions difficult to make in these uncertain times. EdTech Consulting specializes in both of these areas so if you need assistance as to moving forward or planning to make upcoming decisions surrounding learning situations and work conditions we can help. Give us a call and reach out to see if we can be of assistance. 

These current conditions are affecting all of us including the normal work at EdTech Consulting. The areas we normally support like K-12 and post secondary learning, labor force research, insight reports and planning along with facilitation and coordination of projects have all been put on hold or canceled. In lieu of these challenges we have now turned our focus to assisting our prospective clients through these challenging times and helping them plan and coordinate moving forward.....

Helpful Learning Information - in uncertain times

With the exceptional situation at hand EdTech Consult will begin adding resources to our website in support of students/teachers/parents who are now in the unique situation(s) of being at home and dealing with school and work closures... 

NOTE: As a former teacher, principal and Technology Coordinator including raising two daughters I can relate to your situation. Hopefully the enclosed resources will be of some assistance and support to you as we cope with this unique situation and unprecedented times.

K-12 Educational Resources/Supports 

Breaking NEWS: The Prince Edward Island government has released it's Back To School in the fall of 2020 PLAN. Read the various options here

Individual Plans for all 56 English Language Schools are posted here

How parents can help children cope with COVID-19 and return to school - Tips from a talk with Dr. Michael Ungar, a specialist in child, family and community resilience - watch and listen here

Here's a short video for parents to help their children get ready for back to school and dealing with COVID-19 


Published date: 
July 2, 2020

Prince Edward Island - Learning at Home 2020/21

Resources for learning from home during COVID-19 school closures


Prince Edward Island Dept of Education and Early Childhood Learning have posted the following stay at Home Resources for its K-12 students

Check out our resources page for more updates from the Dept of Education in PEI

PEI Students should plan to be back in classrooms this fall..

What your child's schooling could look like this fall...

PEI is considering all options and scenarios for schooling come this fall... 

Nova Scotia - Learning at Home 2020

Nova Scotia Dept of Education Learning at Home Resources COVID-19 


Three Oaks High School Principal
EdTech provided our school with a very successful project assisting us with a video-conference research solution and providing us access to funding to move our project forward.

Video Conferencing Solutions - for remote learning

Need to connect with people remotely. We have experience in helping students, teachers and workers connect from a distance. Audio and video solutions enabling you to meet, conduct business and stay in touch with peers and co-workers. Contact us for a VC solution to meet your needs. We can recommend, help you setup and provide advice and guidance as you implement your meetings and gatherings... Individualized approach based on your needs. 

We have a variety of solutions we can assist you with depending on your meeting and learning needs. In addition to ZOOM and screenleap we can help you with DUO or HANGOUTS  and JAMBOARD in the Google suite of tools. Depending on your needs to connect one tool may be better suited to your needs. Let us help you determine the best solution for your needs..