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Our relevant past experience provides us with superior qualifications to conduct Educational Technology Consulting. To demonstrate the breadth of our experience, we have provided abstracts describing a few of the projects edTech Consulting has conducted for related institutions. Each abstract summarizes the work performed by EdTech Consulting in that engagement. We would be happy to provide references for any of these studies or projects for you to contact regarding the quality and timeliness of our work.

Science and Technology Research Pilot

Three Oaks High School- edTech Consulting carried out a pilot project working with Three Oaks High School and Technology PEI Inc. edTech Consulting was able to assist Three Oaks with formulating a proposal for funding which resulted in a major contribution to their initiative. edTech Consulting also assisted with the recommendation of a video-conference platform as part of the teacher/research exchange. 

Completed June, 2005. 


Collaboration by Teachers - Rubrics and Multimedia Exemplars

The Eastern School District in PEI is developing a project to assist grade 9 teachers with consistent assessment practices in the development of rubrics. Teachers will meet and collaborate online in the development, design and delivery of this new model of assessment. edTech Consulting in partnership with Vision Quest Consultants assisted with the proposal and funding submission to the Inukshuk Learning Fund.

Completed June, 2006.


eBusiness Assessment

The Cardigan and Area Association are preparing to survey eastern PEI businesses on their current and future plans for utilizing eBusiness. This project once moving forward will be supported by ed Tech, Vision Quest, Human Resources Development Canada and the Labour Market Development Agreement of PEI

Completed November, 2005.


JobsPEI Registry

Prince Edward Island Business Development Inc. (TPEI) is developing a career and business portal to expand and enhance an existing jobs registry. edTech Consulting will be providing scenarios of best practice, consultation with vested interest partners and writing the request for proposal prior to public call for proposals. 

Completed August,, 2006


CGI Recruitment

BDI/TPEI are assisting CGI establish a presence in PEI. With an aggressive hiring schedule beginning in March, 2006 edTech Consulting is acting in a data mining and recruitment manner to assist with the hiring process. 

Completed March, 2006


Aerospace Human Resource Council - Aircraft Course

edTech Consulting is assisting the PEI Aerospace Human Resource Council Inc. with their application to offer aircraft maintenance courses for High School students to be offered out of the St. Eleanor's Industrial Park. Plans are now underway to offer the course beginning September 2006. 

Completed April, 2006


Game Training in Canada - Training Options for PEI

edTech Consulting carried out a situational analysis of Video Game Training in Canada, exploring options for local training in PEI on behalf of  Business Development Inc., Technology PEI Inc.  

Completed August, 2006


Aerospace Human Resource Council - Manufacturing Operations Technology Curriculum Delivery Model

edTech Consulting assisted the PEI Aerospace Human Resource Council Inc. with the design and implementation process required to support local Aerospace companies in need of skilled workers. 

Completed November, 2006 Province of PEI

edTech Consulting facilitated the evaluation process to select a vendor for the JobLink PEI portal

Completed December 2006


Learning and Reading Partners - Online learning

(LRPals), adult learning system is designed to increase parents knowledge and skills to more effectively assist their children have success as: learners, students and citizens. edTech Consulting is assisting LRP with moving forward on a new business model while providing direct support to their Online Technology to Engage Communities web based learning system (OLTtec). 

Completed December 2006


Murphy's Pharmacies - Online Collaboration

edTech Consulting in partnership with LRPals is working with Murphy's Pharmacies in the capacity of the LRP Consultant Group. edTech is responsible for the consultation towards a Community Zero (Ramius Corporations Inc.) online employee collaboration, communication and business efficiency solution.

 Completed February 2007


Aerospace Supply and Demand Study

edTech Consulting in partnership with VisionQuest Inc. is working on a Supply and Demand Labour Force Study for the Prince Edward Island Aerospace Human Resource Sector Council. Contact the ARHSC for details of the study results.

Completed, May 2008


Mature Worker sub-portal

edTech Consulting is working on behalf of the Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning to establish a mature worker sub-portal in the job registry portal. Passport To Employment is a program offered to mature workers seeking employment in various sectors across PEI and the program is utilizing the sub-portal to connect potential employees with PEI employers. 

Completed February 2008-09


Elluminate and Learn Central Field Test

edTech in partnership with Elluminate Inc. carried out a month long field test with a group of Prince Edward Island educators. The Department of Education and Early Childhood Educators in PEI are looking to adopt and implement an eLearning/web meeting/educational social network for the educators on PEI.

  • Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development Elluminate and Learn Central Field Test overview and presentation
  • Ongoing consultations with the Dept of Education on professional development models and incorporating online learning
  • Ongoing consultations with the Dept of Education on Professional Learning Communities                                                             

BioSciencePEI ~ an interactive community

edTech in partnership with the Prince Edward Island BioScience sector and Wiggio Inc. developed a virtual online community in support of government, industry and academia. BioSciencePEI is a private branded community with a robust set of resources in support of connecting, creating, communicating and collaborating bioscience enthusiasts. BioScience PEI is now owned and delivered by the PEI BioAlliance. edTech Consulting provides support services to the BioAlliance for operations of the community.

November 2011


Groups4Schools - We sea learning differently. edTech Consulting has developed an open access community for educators, students and parents enabling them to connect, create, communicate and collaborate virtually. edTech can also help you build and support your own private, branded community if you have a need. 

Ongoing March 2011


Groups4Schools - Migrated and changed our content to now provide an online information service including courses to educate youth about the digital asset economy of the future.

Ongoing 2020


Sanofi BioGENius Challenge - EdTech Consulting is the coordinating partner responsible for delivery of the SBC national program in Prince Edward Island. Our company has been involved with the delivery for the past 15 years bringing high school science students together with BioScience mentors in PEI to generate and produce high level BioTechnology projects.

Ongoing 2021-22 Please visit the SBCC website and see changes for 2022...


Crypto Currency for Youth - Launched in March 2022 a new initiative to educate youth 11-25 about Cryptocurrencies, digital assets, blockchain and more... the future of finance and investing all leads to Crypto so now is the time for our youth to become educated in preparation for their future in finance... Ongoing 2022

Highlight Project

We are assisting Partners In Research with their national program in Canada called the Sanofi BioGENius Challenge. We assist high school science students as they work with community research mentors on high end research projects in the SBC Competition. We practice meeting, monitoring and assistance via virtual solutions using Video Conference and meeting solutions saving time, travel and cost.... talk to us about a solution to help your learning or workplace.